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This is the very first blog post on my new website RealAppsUser.com. After working enthusiastically for a number of years on my first website RealLinuxUser.com, on which I specifically target people who think about a switch to Linux, or who want to use Linux productively, I recently decided to start a second website on which I can focus more on the many great applications available to all of us to simplify our productive lives on all other platforms. So welcome to RealAppUser.com.

About me

Hi there! My name is John Been. I have been living with my wife and cat for quite some time in Hoorn, a town in the north of the Netherlands. My wife and I both completed the study Business Economics at the VU University of Amsterdam, where I specialized in Administrative Information Science, a study that focuses on the information technology side of business administration. I am currently working as a senior Solution Engineer for a large financial institution where I am involved in translating requirements into working IT solutions, the design of software solutions and actual development work. 

In addition to being very interested in everything related to information technology and software solutions for productive workflow support, I am also a passionate landscape photographer. Next to that I also had my own photography company for a while in which I focused on bridal and portrait photography. Further I was also chairman of a foundation that focuses on development work in West Africa and I was lead editor for a crowd funding start up that focuses on development work in third world countries all over the world . And if I have some time left, I like to write for both my websites (www.reallinuxuser.com and now www.realappuser.com), I sometimes write for a Linux focused magazine here in the Netherlands, and sometimes I build websites for individuals and small businesses, edit films, make digital drawings and code simple Android apps. Oh…and I am trying to finish my first book on Linux.

Most of my work and passions that I have described above can only be optimally done with good software as a foundation. I am therefore constantly looking for the best digital solutions to make what I do more efficient and effective. That’s why I use a large variety of applications on a daily basis, such as applications for photo editing, video editing, web design, coding, planning and so on. This means that I have a broad insight and user experience and can also communicate about it based on knowledge and skills. Based on that, and the fact that I am an avid writer, I hope I can help others as well in their digital journey via my websites.

About RealAppUser.com

People nowadays spend more and more time on digital consumption. From time to time watching a movie on YouTube, or browsing thoughtlessly through your social media, is of course relaxing and there is not much wrong with that in itself. But you too, must have noticed that you often lost hours unknowingly procrastinating as a result of your digital over-consumption, that you could have used probably better for digital production.

This website wants to stimulate you, through in-depth reviews and how to’s, to use your digital devices in a more productive way. Use your software and hardware to create new things, to optimize or better support your productive processes, to simplify or greatly improve your workflow, or to maintain the attention and concentration required in your creative process and to help you to focus . This website wants to be your best friend by helping you lead a more productive life with the help of digital tools.

This website is intended to provide information about apps from a real user perspective with the intention to make people more productive as a result of using these apps. It will not focus on only one platform, so I will write about applications running on iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Android and the web, but also about productivity in general. It is the app and what you can do with it that is the primary focus point for this website and not in the first place the platform on which it runs. In this way there is something useful for every technology enthusiast, regardless of which platform.

If you have topics that you would like to be described on this website, please let me know via the Contact page.

See you in my next post!



About John Been

Hi there! My name is John Been. At the moment I work as a senior solution engineer for a large financial institution, but in my free time, I am the owner of RealAppUser.com, RealLinuxUser.com, and author of my first book "Linux for the rest of us". I have a broad insight and user experience in everything related to information technology and I believe I can communicate about it with some fun and knowledge and skills.

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