About this website

People nowadays spend more and more time on digital consumption. From time to time watching a movie on YouTube, or browsing thoughtlessly through your social media, is of course relaxing and there is not much wrong with that in itself. But you too, must have noticed that you often lost hours unknowingly procrastinating as a result of your digital overconsumption, that you could have used probably better for digital production.

This website wants to stimulate you, through in-depth reviews and how to’s, to use your digital devices in a more productive way. Use your software and hardware to create new things, to optimize or better support your productive processes, to simplify or greatly improve your workflow, or to maintain the attention and concentration required in your creative process and to help you to focus . This website wants to be your best friend by helping you lead a more productive life with the help of digital tools.

This website is intended to provide information about apps from a real user perspective with the intention to make people more productive as a result of using these apps. It will not focus on only one platform, so I will write about applications running on iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Android and the web, but also about productivity in general. It is the app and what you can do with it that is the primary focus point for this website and not in the first place the platform on which it runs. In this way there is something useful for every technology enthusiast, regardless of which platform.