About the author

Hi there! My name is John Been. I have been living with my wife and cat for quite some time in Hoorn, a town in the north of the Netherlands. My wife and I both completed the study Business Economics at the VU University of Amsterdam, where I specialized in Administrative Information Science, a study that focuses on the information technology side of business administration. I am currently working as a senior Solution Engineer for a large financial institution where I am involved in translating requirements into working IT solutions, the design of software solutions and actual development work. 

In addition to being very interested in everything related to information technology and software solutions for productive workflow support, I am also a passionate landscape photographer. Next to that I also had my own photography company for a while in which I focused on bridal and portrait photography. Further I was also chairman of a foundation that focuses on development work in West Africa and I was lead editor for a crowd funding start up that focuses on development work in third world countries all over the world . And if I have some time left, I like to write for both my websites (www.reallinuxuser.com and www.realappuser.com), I sometimes write for a Linux focused magazine here in the Netherlands, and sometimes I build websites for individuals and small businesses, edit films, make digital drawings and code simple Android apps. Oh…and I am trying to finish my first book on Linux.

Most of my work and passions that I have described above can only be optimally done with good software as a foundation. I am therefore constantly looking for the best digital solutions to make what I do more efficient and effective. That’s why I use a large variety of applications on a daily basis, such as applications for photo editing, video editing, web design, coding, planning and so on. This means that I have a broad insight and user experience and can also communicate about it based on knowledge and skills. Based on that I hope I can help others as well in their digital journey via my websites.